Jacqueline Kennedy poses at her typewriter on Oct. 5, 1960. (AP)

In the audio interviews, which she gave to longtime Kennedy aide Arthur M. Schlesinger just months after her husband President John F. Kennedy was assasinated, she talks about her marriage, JFK’s presidency, and her role in the White House.

At many moments, her commentary is what the New York Times nicely calls “tart” — she dubs Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. “a phony,” Indira Gandhi “a real prune,” and Charles DeGaulle as “that egomanic.” Jacqueline also says her only goal as Kennedy’s wife was to provide “a climate of affection and comfort and detente,” and to keep the children in good moods.”

It’s a toss up about whether this makes Jackie more approachable (she would have been easy to gossip with) or less (what a snob!). Watch Diane Sawyer’s report on the audio recordings below: