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BOOKS: Pottermore Potterbore

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The big announcement from “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling has come and disappointed. The mystery site Pottermore.com will be an interactive place to ... read more about Harry Potter. The site will also offer up the boy magician’s tale via e-book for the first time. Eh. Not so magical. On top of that, we don’t even get to enter the site until July 31 — if you’re one of the earlier arrivals. All other Muggles will have to wait until October.

WORLD: Uncontacted tribe found in Brazil

In the “rugged folds of the western Amazon,” as many as 200 people have been discovered living as one of the world’s last uncontacted tribes, National Geographic’s Scott Wallace reports. The tribes were discovered by satellite images and confirmed in aerial reconnaissance flights. The tribe is located in any area that’s home to the largest concentration of uncontacted tribes in the world.

TECH: Check your password

Every day, it seems, a new hack has broken in to some high-security site and e-mails have been released. To see if you’ve been caught up in a hacking sting, check the new ShouldIChangeMyPassword.com. Former security consultant, Daniel Grzelak, built the simple Web site that searches the records of more than 800,000 e-mails stolen and released. It’s a quick way to feel a bit more secure in this insecure world.

NATIONAL: James ‘Whitey’ Bulger caught

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After a 16-year-manhunt, Boston mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger is the second fugitive on the FBI’s Top 10 List to be captured in two months. He and his partner, Catherine Greig, pictured above, were tracked down, in part, by a publicity campaign the FBI started just days ago.