People walk in the rubble in Minamisanriku town, Miyagi Prefecture, northern Japan, Sunday, March 13, 2011, two days after a powerful earthquake-triggered tsunami hit the country's east coast. (Yumiuri Shimbun/AP)

As Japan deals with day three of devastation after an 8.9-magnitude earthquake and powerful tsunami, dramatic footage emerged that captured the moment the earthquake hit homes and stores, giant tsunami waves rolling in, swaying buildings, stuck jets, and daring rescue efforts.

Washington Post has not independently verified the footage.


The ground begins to crack open:

A home is rattled by the quake:

Items crash off grocery store shelves:

Buiildings sway but do not tumble:

Tsunami waves inundate a town:

Boats are smashed, homes are swept away, and (at the 1:30 mark) a bus rides right into the tsunami:

A rooftop rescue:

Japanese air force fighter jets are stuck in mud:

Can Japan get a break? A volcano resumes eruptions: