Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano has been working tirelessly, and he needs to get some rest, Japanese twitter users told him Monday.

The hashtag #edano_nero became a global trending topic on Twitter Monday morning. “Nero” means to sleep in Japanese.

Edano, who is Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s right-hand man, has won respect for attending press conferences at all hours of the day and night since the earthquake and tsunami hit. He’s relayed nearly every development to the public, including the status of the quake-stricken nuclear power plant, the numbers dead and missing, and continued rescue efforts.

On their Japan Real Time blog, Wall Street Journal wrote:

The image of his stocky figure, covered in the light blue one piece emergency suit, bent over the microphone, his two hands gripping the sides of the podium, has been burnt into the country’s psyche, earning him plaudits for his steadfastness.

Not so for the prime minister. A Twitter hashtag has become popular for Prime Minister Naoto Kan, but his is #kan_okiro. “Okiro” means to wake up in Japanese.

Kan’s voter support rate had sunk to around 20 percent before last week's disaster because voters believed he was “flip-flopping on policy, bungling diplomatic relations and generally making a mess of governing,” Reuters reported. The #wakeupKan hashtag shows Japan’s crisis hasn’t helped his approval much.

The users who tweeted about Yukio Edano using #edano_nero linked to a photo of Edano, once looking happy, but now exhausted:

Screen grab

Popular Japanese blogger Michael Gakuran tweeted his admiration for the man:

#edano_nero is trending! It means ‘go to sleep, Edano!’ The wishes of fellow Twitterers who see a tireless man working morning and nightless than a minute ago via webMichael Gakuran

Some tallied the hours Edano had been awake at 105:

RT 105時間不眠不休の枝野官房長官を心配するハッシュタグが続々。#edano_nero #edano_netekure #edano_go_to_bed #edano_shinuna #edano_yumede_matteru #edano_oyasumi #edanoless than a minute ago via Teeweeソンイ

While others wondered why Japan was so worried about the sleep of “one old man”:

過去、これだけ一人のおっさんの睡眠不足を心配した事があったろうか。 #edano_nero #edano_netekure #edano_go_to_bed #edano_shinuna #edano_yumede_matteru #edano_oyasumi #edanoless than a minute ago via ついっぷる/twipple黒戌堂プロダクツ