Civil defense teams search for survivors Tuesday in Otsuchi, Japan. (Photo by Toshirharu Kato/Japanese Red Cross/IFRC via Getty Images) (Handout)

Japanese officials are working around the clock to avoid a potential nuclear crisis as relief teams on the ground continue to search for the missing.

What’s the latest?

• Radiation levels were so dangerously high Wednesday that the remaining 50 workers at the Fukushima Daiichi plant were temporarily evacuated from the area and an attempt to dump seawater on the stressed plant via helicopter was aborted. (View photos.)

• Japan Emperor Akihito made a rare public address Wednesday: “I think it is important for all of us, in various ways and however small, to share the burden of the difficult period that the victims now face.”

• China has suspended work on all new nuclear plants until the government can revisit safety rules.

How can I help?

• On Twitter, a relief effort is growing. Noriyuki Shikata, director of global communications for Japan’s prime minister, is dispatching updates and resources , and the Prime Minister’s Office of Japan has launched an official English Twitter account. U.S. Ambassador to Japan John Roos is using the hash tag #helpjapan to encourage donations:

The Prime Minister’s Office of Japan has launched an English twitter account from now on.less than a minute ago via webJPN_PMO

• The Red Cross's Mark Preslan, regional director for Asia, Europe and the Middle East, will chat at 1 p.m. about ways to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. How would you #helpJapan? Use Twitter to spread the word, then join the chat.