Cover art for Jeff Bridges' self-titled album. (Courtesy of Blue Note Records)

Jeff Bridges walked away from the movie “Crazy Heart” with more than an Oscar. The role of Otis “Bad” Blake, a country singer who drinks, sings and loves across the Southwest, inspired Bridges to pick up the guitar again and rediscover his love for music.

“‘Crazy Heart’ really fanned my music flame,” Bridges told the Post’s Jen Chaney last year. “I really started to get hungry and get back into that. I put a little local band together, and we've got a few gigs going.”

Those few gigs have turned into a full music album, which will be released next week. It’s a mix of original music, as well as two cover songs of Bridges’ tutor Stephen Bruton’s music. Bridges based Bad Blake, his character in “Crazy Heart,” on Bruton. The country musician died before the film was released.

It’s always risky territory for actors to enter the music field (see: Jared Leto), but Bridges can do no wrong in my eyes. NPR has a sneak listen to two of his songs. Click here for “Tumbling Vine” and “Maybe I Missed the Point.”