(Screengrab Pottermore.com)

“The owls are gathering,” reads the mysterious note on a mock YouTube channel. Following clues left on several “Harry Potter” fan sites, a new Web site appeared Thursday with a simple “Coming Soon,” banner and the signature of author J.K. Rowling. A click on the owl leads you to a countdown. Presumably, in six days Rowling will make an announcement about what the Web site will entail.

Rowling disappointed fans when she said she was finished writing “Harry Potter” books after the seventh book came out in 2007. And this summer marks what many Potter fans see as the true end of the series, when the final movie ,“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,” will be released in theaters.

So what will the new site be? It won’t be the home of a new book, her spokeswoman told the Associated Press. However, it could be an online universe for all the other characters in the Potter world. Rowling has told fans she created backstories for most of the beloved side characters, much of which were never revealed in the novels. The name of the site: Pottermore.com sounds as if it could be a place to host those extra stories.

Let me know your guess in the comments. And enjoy the trailer for the last movie:

Update: Part two trailer came out!
Check it: