(Juda Ngwenya/Reuters)

MEDIA: Joao Silva, injured photographer: ‘Life is far from over’

Joao Silva has spent nine months in Washington at Walter Reed, recuperating after a land mine in Afghanistan took both of his legs. He writes a moving essay on his journey and his hopes for the future. “That is actually O.K. I’m alive; I’m here. Life is far from over.” Silva is pictured above in an image that captures the immediacy and danger of journalism in war zones. Silva is in the background left, still working to document history even after his friend Ken Oosterbroek was killed in the gunfight. In the foreground,Silva’s friend photographer Greg Marinovitch (front) is helped by American colleage Jim Natchwey (right) after being shot in the chest in South Africa in 1994.

SPACE: International space station may go unmanned

Start the Hollywood script meeting now. The International Space Station, lived in continuously by astronauts since 2000, may have to go empty for a short time period. The Russia rockets NASA intended to hitch a ride on had a technical failure last week, and new flights have been delayed until the problem can be found.

TECH: WikiLeaks leaks cables accidentally

An internal conflict at WikiLeaks led to a cache of documents published online that listed confidential assests, sources and informants. The information had perviously been redacted. A major concern of WikiLeaks having access to the cables was that the group would be unable to protect the security of confidential sources.

WORLD: An oral surgeon turned revolutionary in Libya

Read how one man kept the flame of protest alive in Libya.