Was Vice President Biden nodding off at President Obama’s speech yesterday? (Suchat Pederson/AP)

Was he or wasn’t he? That’s the question people are asking about a video of Vice President Biden apparently nodding off during President Obama’s address on the budget yesterday. The Post’s Emi Kolawole is conducting a poll over at political blog 44, with 53 percent of voters saying, “Yes. He’s out like a light.” You be the judge:

CNN has compiled a great video of sleepy politicans, including President Bill Clinton and Vice President Dick Cheney. Enjoy:

A video of Czech President Vaclav Klaus apparently stealing a pen — encrusted with semi-precious stones — during a press conference in Chile has inspired more than 5,000 Czechs to reportedly join a Facebook campaign to mail the president pens.

This photo published by Media Indonesia newspaper on April 9 shows Arifinto, an Indonesian lawmaker from the conservative Islamic Prosperous Justice Party, allegedly watching pornographic images on a tablet computer during a plenary session in parliament in Jakarta. (Mohamad Irfan/AFP/Getty Images)