Lebanese army soldiers push back pro-Syrian regime protesters as they arrive at a mosque. Demonstrators are calling the protest “Children’s Friday,” in memory of the death of 13-year-old Hamza Ali al-Khateeb. (Hussein Malla/AP)

Iman al-Obaidi, the woman who burst into a hotel in Tripoli saying she had been raped by pro-government forces, was sent back to Libya from Qatar. She was deported by force and appeared battered and bruised upon her arrival in Benghazi.

NATIONAL: John Edwards indictment expected soon

A federal grand jury in North Carolina has been examining John Edwards’s role in funneling money from political donors to a former campaign aide, Rielle Hunter, in a possible attempt to cover up an extramarital affair the two had while Edwards was running for president, and people close to the trial say lawyers for Edwards expect him to be indicted Friday.

NATIONAL: Dr. Death dies

Jack Kevorkian, the man who crusaded for “planned deaths,” died at the age of 83. Read the 1991 profile from Vanity Fair of the “Angel of Death.”

WORLD: Mladic rejects “obnoxious charges”

Appearing defiant and angry, Ratko Mladic refused to enter pleas in court in The Hague to what he called “obnoxious” allegations that he orchestrated the worst atrocities of a conflict that claimed 100,000 lives. He said he was defending “my people and my country.”

ODD: A cat hugs a kitten

May you all have such protection when you’re having nightmares: