A law enforcement agent checks out a vehicle at John Wiley Price’s home in Dallas on Monday. (Louis DeLuca/AP)

Dallas County District 3’s “lightning rod” commissioner — a man who once painted over billboards advertising tobacco products in black neighborhoods, led a group in the 1980s and 90s called the Warriors to picket seats of local power who he said didn’t hire minorities, and left a man with a broken leg during a scuffle — is now being investigated by the FBI and IRS.

But John Wiley Price (D) says he has no idea why.

Neither agency would say why, either.

But County Commissioner Maurine Dickey (R) says she knows. She told local channel KERA that she has fought with Price for years over alleged corruption, voter fraud and other issues.

“I think it's a happy day for Dallas County because it’s ... it offers hope that there's a higher authority than local people, that will come in and that will see if, will check on things and if there is wrong doing they’ll do something about it,” Dickey said.

The FBI raided both Price’s offices and home yesterday, along with the office of Price's political consultant Kathy Nealy, and the home of his assistant Daphne Fain, where boxes were reportedly removed.

Price defended himself, saying: “For 27 years I have represented my constituents and I plan to be around for the next 27 years. I have no idea what this is all about. I’ve seen the search warrants, and that’s as far as it goes. I have not seen the affidavit. I have no clue as to where they’re going. I mean I’ve been up against this once before. You know this is not the first time I’ve been up against adversity. So I look forward to a day in court.”

Price was reported to be under FBI investigation two years ago, when then-Dallas County Judge Jim Foster testified in a legal proceeding that Price was being investigated for ties to the inland port development in southern Dallas County.

Price has served as Dallas County District 3 Commissioner since 1985, and was the first African-American elected to the commission.