One such promise gone awry is the push for more government openness, shown most recently when Obama received an award for transparency without alerting the media or making the meeting open to the public. “When you don’t live in the White House, sunlight is the best disinfectant,” Stewart said. “When you live in the White House, disinfectant stings.” Although the Obama administration has taken steps toward more government transparency — a 2008 campaign promise — Stewart pointed out some lapses, including meeting with lobbyists out of the White House to keep it private. The Post’s Ed O’Keefe spoke to Gary Bass, who founded one of the transparency groups Obama met with, about the meeting. “I think this is a particularly bad situation and I’m not going to try to defend the president on that,” he said.

Although Obama’s use of social media is and has been the way his campaign speaks directly to voters, it has been criticized as a way to bypass the press. Do these events signal that Obama is less transparent than he promised to be? Tell us in the comments.