Rep. Anthony Weiner and Jon Stewart in a screen grab from a February 2010 “Daily Show” interview. (Screen shot from “The Daily Show”)

Despite giving Weiner the benefit of the doubt on Wednesday’s “Daily Show,” Stewart had to take issue with an answer Weiner gave to NBC News. While the congressman said he didn’t send the picture of man’s bulging underpants to a 21-year-old Twitter follower, he “can’t say with certitude” that he’s not the person in the photo, the Post’s Karen Tumulty and Felicia Sonmez reported.

Stewart didn’t attempt to defend Weiner’s answer, instead saying he would know with “certitude” if it was his own body part in a photo of that nature.

“I was hoping he’d have a very clear and strong reasonable seeming explanation,” Stewart said Wednesday. “That hasn’t necessarily happened so far.”

Weiner was a guest on “The Daily Show” in February 2010, when he came on the program to talk about the health care reform battle in Congress. In retrospect, the beginning of the interview seems particularly unfortunate. After Stewart explains that he and Weiner have known each other since the 1980s, the host told the congressman, “I could, let’s face facts, destroy your political career.”

“That’s funny. You know the concept of mutual assured destruction, Jon?” Weiner joked. And then...

“You think you have pictures as well of me in compromising positions?” Stewart asked. “I’ve got stuff,” Weiner said back.

I’m not touching that with a 10-foot pole.