The father of JonBenet Ramsey, a child beauty pageant contestant slain 16 years ago at age 6, told ABC News on Tuesday that he no longer believes it’s a good idea to put your child on public display.

Patsy and John Ramsey at a 2000 news conference. (GREGORY SMITH/AP)

He also recalled for ABC a time that his daughter appeared in a Christmas parade, just days before she was found strangled in his Boulder, Colo. home. That day, his mother-in-law had said that a strange man approached the car carrying JonBenet, and it had made her uncomfortable, Ramsey said. Thinking about that observation, still makes him cringe.

The case has never been solved.

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Sad goodbye of the day

Encyclopedia Britannica to stop printing books. After 244 years, there will be no more of the beloved multi-volume book sets. The company says it plans to focus on its digital encyclopedia and education tools. (CNN)

Ridiculous holiday of the day

It’s Pi Day! For all you math lovers, today you’re free to geek out and celebrate the mathematical constant of π (pi). In Maryland, the day is being celebrated with pizza and sweet pies. (Buzz blog)

Scary Iran-related news of the day

Nuke expert identifies Iran explosives site. David Albright, founder of the Institute for Science and International Security, said he found the site in satellite images of a compound southeast of Tehran. (Reuters)

BBC suffers cyber attack. The attack came after Iranian authorities had campaigned against BBC’s Persian service. The broadcaster reported attempts to jam satellite feeds into Iran and to swamp its phone lines. (Reuters)

Human rights abuses reported on this day

Syrians tortured in detention. Amnesty International says detainees are being “systematically and routinely tortured.” (BBC)

Congo warlord convicted of recruiting child soldiers. After Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony became a household name last week, judges at a war crimes tribunal Wednesday convicted Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga of stealing children from the street and turning them into killers. (Associated Press)

Accidents and natural disasters of the day

Switzerland bus crash kills 28 people, including 22 children. The tour bus slammed into a tunnel wall in the Swiss Alps. (ABC)

Strong earthquake on Japan’s northeastern coast. Just a year after the triple earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster, Japan felt a 6.8 magnitude quake today. But no damage or injury was reported. (AP)