Maggie Burlingane looks at what remains of her daughter's home after it was destroyed when a massive tornado ripped through Joplin, Mo. (Joe Raedle/GETTY IMAGES)

The storm left at least 125 people dead and more than 900 injured. The number of missing was originally reported to be as high as 1,500. Missouri officials are planning to release a list of the names of the missing Thursday.

No new survivors were found in the rubble Wednesday, as search and rescue efforts switched to recovery. Mike Hare is still searching for his 16-year-old son Lantz, who hasn’t been seen since the storm hit. “We know he’s hurt somewhere,” Hare told the Associated Press Wednesday. “We just can’t sit and keep calling. You’ve got to be moving.”

Others are coming to grips with those they know they’ve lost. Don Lansaw died protecting his wife, Bethany, covering her body with his in their home’s bathtub. In an emotional interview with NBC’s Brian Williams, Lansaw called him “her hero.”

“I just don’t understand why,” Don’s mother Beth Lansaw said crying, to the Associated Press. “Why him? And I won’t know that until I’m there with him -- there with our maker, to ask him why. I’m not blaming God. No. Don wouldn’t want me to. I know he wouldn’t.”

Watch Bethany Lansaw’s interview on “Nightly News” below:

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