Julian Assange (By Bertil Ericson/Associated Press)

Seth Sharp, the DJ that captured the footage, told Forbes magazine that Assange worried about being filmed at first, but Sharp promised not to upload it to Facebook. In a way, he stuck by his word. Sharp uploaded the video to YouTube.

With his dancing feet sending him back into the news, it’s a good time to check into the ongoing WikiLeaks cast of characters.


The group is still slowly rolling out the cables. On Thursday, the site released a cable that spoke of Musa Kusa, the Libya foreign minister who defected to London and quit Gaddafi’s government. According to the Nation, the U.S. cable said, “He is Western-educated … and is seen as a strong supporter of re-engagement with the Wes. … Kusa is the rare Libyan official who embodies a combination of intellectual acumen, operational ability and political weight.”

Bradley Manning Cooper

The solider who leaked the cables to WikiLeaks has reportedly been kept in shackles in solitary confinement at Quantico. Manning was the subject of a recent PBS Frontline piece that detailed the troubled past of the Army intelligence analyst.

Daniel Ellsberg

The man that leaked the Pentagon Papers has become a fierce supporter of WikiLeaks. Ellsberg dropped by Washington to lead a protest in front of the White House, telling CNN he was “disgusted” that Manning was still in lockup after eight months. His battle to defend the solider comes from a personal place. He told the news organization that he was Bradley Manning four decades earlier. At Harvard University on Wednesday, Ellsberg said cables are kept secret not from other nations, but from “the ones who have the votes and vote the budgets, and might possibly prosecute, and the ones whose blame is to be feared.”

P.J. Crowley

The former assistant secretary of state for public affairs resigned in March after protesting Manning’s incarceration. He has not let his departure from the State Department quiet him down, though. He’s still actively admonishing world leaders on Twitter and standing by his statements on Manning.

Julian Assange

The man behind it all has set his company’s sites on the Balkans, telling Sarajevo press that WikiLeaks will soon release cables from the last six years that have the potential to cause an “Arab scenario” in the region.

No word on whether Assange has cleaned up his house-guest style:

For a full update on WikiLeaks, the Nation has been tracking WikiLeaks in an extensive live blog (going on Day 125).

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