Justin Bieber/The Bible (Images via Facebook)

(See the chart of the ten pages with best engagement on Facebook here.)

With the United States the biggest user of Facebook by half, its not surprising that a Jesus Daily page, the Bible and Justin Bieber make three of the top five slots.

Mario Teguh and Terima Kasih Ibu may be unfamiliar names to Western readers, but to the more than 30 million Indoneisans on Facebook, Teguh is the country’s biggest motivational speakers and Terima Kasih Ibu writes motivational qutoes, such as “Everyone’s life began with a bag full of luck and an empty bag of experience.”

Turkey offers up the music page Muzik Keyfi, a round up of photo and video postings of Turkish music, like this gem:

Now if we could only get a Justin Bieber to sing religious songs in Turkish... that would be something.

Name Fans Interactions
1. Jesus Daily 8,133,198 4,227,476
2. The Bible 7,998,077 1,014,571
3. Mario Teguh 4,543,731 968,357
4. Justin Bieber 34,456,918 928,318
5. Dios Es Bueno! 4,115,893 671,440
6. Terima Kasih Ibu 2,770,128 667,672
7. Black Eyed Peas 23,431,586 569,119
8. Manchester United 17,902,920 517,883
9. “MTV Roadies” 2,578,006 475,698
10. Jesus Christ 2,867,087 467,699