(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

European and Asian markets both had sharp sell-offs, setting off further concern of a bleak economic outlook. Rather than dwell on the bad, let’s pause and read Hank Stuever’s humorous take on the trend of illustrating bad business stories with images like the one above: traders with the hands on their faces.

WORLD: Pakistan and Afghanistan attacked

A suicide bomb struck a Pakistan mosque Friday, killing at least 40. In Kabul, Taliban insurgents attacked the British cultural center, killing six people and wounding 12.

NATIONAL: Virginia man executed with new ‘drug cocktail’

On Thursday night, Virginia executed Jerry Terrell Jackson, 30, with a new three-drug mix. His death was the 109th execution in Virginia since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976. Jackson had been convicted of murdering, raping and robbing an 88-year-old woman 10 years ago.

WEATHER: Another haboob consumes Phoenix

This one was caught in a time-lapse video. It’s the third time a dust storm has hit the city this summer.