Kim Kardashian (Jumana El Heloueh/Reuters)

The world-trotting writer is better known for battling his way through Sudan or dodging celebratory gunfire in Libya, but Tuesday he decided to weigh in on the lavish ceremony on Twitter. It led to one of the more amusing exchanges on the site I’ve seen in some time:

Kristof did, in fact, start a school in Cambodia. With the help of American Assistance for Cambodia, he and his wife dedicated part of their profits from their book “Half the Sky” to starting a school east of Phnom Penh. In 2008, Kristof wrote in the New York Times about its opening day:

In my speech to the new school, I told the kids that I sometimes wondered why America was so rich and Cambodia was so poor. It’s not because Americans are smarter or more industrious than Cambodians, because Cambodians are sharp as a whistle and incredibly hard-working. One of the factors, I believe, is the educational gap, and we’re just so pleased to do our part to reduce that gap.”

Kardashian, of course, did not spend any money on her short-lived marriage. Rather, reports have it that she and Kris Humphries earned about $17 million for starring in their own ill-fated love story.

Hannah Brencher at did a little math to figure out what that could buy:

An education for 257,152 girls

Nearly 2 million newborn care kits

360,000 goats

450,000 mosquito nets

240,000 children with food for 7 weeks.

Who knows how the newly single Kardashian will spend her share of the cash. The latest report has Kardashian headed to Australia. How much do you want to gamble she’s out looking for some good elementary school locations?

Update: Kardashian posted a message on her site denying the rumors that she made millions off the wedding. She also may have given Kristof one reason to be happy. She said she would donate the money from all her wedding gifts to the Dream Foundation, a charity organization that helps grant wishes to adults facing life-threatening illnesses.

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