This is a tale of winning and losing and a bright green Lamborghini.

Dave Dopp drives for a living — only he’s more comfortable behind the wheel of a long-haul truck than a Lamborghini, as events on Saturday prove. Dopp won a $300,000 Lamborghini in a contest — and crashed the car a mere six hours after picking it up.

David Dopp, 34, of Santaquin, Utah, posing for a photo with his daughters Shayla, left, and Olivia, right. (Kyle Buhler/AP)

Dopp won the car in a benefit fundraiser sponsered by the convience store chain Maverik, the Associated Press reports. Watch Dopp learn about the happy news last month at a Brigham Young University football game:

After Dopp picked up the car on Saturday, he spend the next six hours giving friends a chance to ride in the lime green car. Until the car hit a patch of black ice. The car flew off the road and crashed through a fence.

It’s been a rough month for luxury cars. With this crash coming on the heels of the eight-Ferrari pileup in Japan.

No one was injured — except for the winning car. Dopp said once the car is returned from the shop, he’ll be selling it and buying a more family-friendly ride.

David Dopp, of Santaquin, Utah, who crashed the Lamborghini Murcielago he won in a convenience store contest shortly after being handed the keys in November, looks over the damage to his car. (Alex Cabrero/AP)