Today is the Leap Day, the extra day that transforms every fourth year into something special, a day when babies are born who will take forever to get old, and when marriage proposals, even according to traditionalists, can come from women.

Cody Manning, 18, can leap about 18 feet from his take-off spot to the sand pit where he practices the long jump at his high school. (Michael S. Williamson/WASHINGTON POST)

More of your morning links below:

Big bust of the morning

Interpol says suspected Anonymous hackers have been arrested. Some 25 members were detained in Europe and South America, along with 250 items of IT equipment. (BBC)

Horrifying tapes of the morning

911 tapes from the Ohio school shooting, which left three students dead, have been released. (CNN)

The bodies of Marie Colvin and Remy Ochlik, two journalists killed in Syria last Wednesday, have not yet been evacuated by the Red Cross. Disturbing video purports to show their bodies still in Homs. (YouTube)

Space program news of the morning

Iran opens space program site for first media tour. The move seemed intended to show the country’s willingness to allow the West glimpses of its sensitive technology. (The Associated Press)

Asteroid could threaten Earth in 2040. The near-Earth asteroid 2011 AG5, a rock some 460 feet wide, could crash into the planet on February 5, 28 years from now. (

— “The Night Sky is Full of Awesome” Watch and be amazed. (The Atlantic)