Libyan rebels react on the frontline of the outskirts of the city of Ajdabiya, south of Benghazi, eastern Libya, Monday, March 21, 2011. (Anja Niedringhaus/AP)

In response to the foreign airstrikes, Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi warned of a ‘long war’ ahead, and rebel forces became re-energized in their fight. The Post’s Liz Sly called in from Tripoli to report on what she’s hearing over there.

This video purportedly shows military vehicles destroyed by a coalition airstrike in the besieged city of Misurata, where new fighting was reported Monday.

This video also claims to show the aftermath of an airstrike. Warning: Some graphic images inside.

Benghazi-based television channel Libya Alhurra TV continued its live stream from Libya, despite the man behind the channel, Mohammed Nabbous, having died in crossfire:

Watch live streaming video from libya17feb at

More videos that show the fighting in Misurata are available on this Libya ‘Lighthouse Media’ Facebook page.

A Googlemap was released that had reportedly crowdsourced data on violence by pro-Gaddafi forces against protesters in Libya:

On Twitter, the Libyan Youth Movement tweeted updates :

Earlier reports from Zintan show the city is in grave danger,as reinforcmnts sent from Gheryan after an initial failed attempted by G #Libyaless than a minute ago via webLibyanYouthMovement

More reports that G forces taking bodies of civilians they killed and using them as ‘evidence’ of UN killings, to gain support #Libya #Feb17less than a minute ago via webLibyanYouthMovement