Rebel fighters celebrate with gunfire as they stand atop the monument inside Gaddafi’s former compound in Tripoli. (Sergey Ponomarev/AP)

Jubilant Libyans fired shots into the air, an increasingly common practice in the country that has left more than a few dead

Ambulance sirens were heard immediately after the gunfire, according to social news aggregator Storyful, and Libyan activists angered by the accidental deaths started a hashtag to try to end the practice, #notocelebullets

The celebratory gunfire can be heard in this video footage of demonstrations last night in Tripoli:

A Libyan Facebook group shared this photo to show what happens when people celebrate by firing guns:

(Image via “Thoughts Boys.” )

And one journalist tweeted:

By morning, Mutassim Gaddafi’s arrest had still not been confirmed.