While many people may think that character comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is off filming “The Dictator,” Australian television host Craig Reucassel claims to have discovered a side project for Cohen. According to Reucassel, Cohen has been disguising himself as Lord Christopher Monckton, adviser to former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher and famed climate change denier for years.

Are these the same men? ((Mike Blake, left, and Jennifer Graylock, right))

On his show “The Hamster,” Reucassel sat down with Lord Monckton to get to the bottom of the disguise:

Lord Monckton (no, he is not a heavily disguised Cohen) has been stirring up controversy in Australia all summer long after he called the Australian government’s Climate Adviser a “fascist” during a speech in which he stood before the image of a Nazi flag.

It is hardly the first time Monckton’s comments have brought criticism. He once said all victims of AIDS should be put on an island together to halt the spread of HIV. He’s likened climate change scientists to the Hitler youth. And the House of Lords, the Guardian reports, took “the unprecedented step of publishing a “cease and desist” letter on its Web site demanding that he should stop claiming to be a member of the upper house.” The letter said that while he is techinically a peer, that does not mean he is a member of the House.

Reucassel turns Cohen’s comedic tactics on its head in this send up. Rather than Cohen’s tactic of using outlandish fictional characters to convince people of a false reality, Reucassel uses an outlandish character to convince people reality is fictional.