Lucy, center, with her parents Jordan and Craig. (“Today.”)

Though brave enough to handle the shark attack with aplomb, Lucy, perhaps a little camera shy, let her parents Jordan and Craig do the talking during her interview with Ann Curry on Tuesday’s “Today” show.

Lucy is the second shark attack victim in North Carolina this summer, according to “Today.” This is the state’s fifth such incident in the past year, according to the International Shark Attack File. There were 34 non-fatal and two fatal shark attacks in the U.S. last year, one in Florida and the other in California.

Despite receiving too many stitches to count and suffering a badly torn calf muscle, Lucy should be back on her feet in about six to eight weeks. “We told her as soon as the shark finds a mailbox, he’s going to send her a letter of apology,’’ her father Craig Magnum said.

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