(Twitter Avatar of LulzSec)

While some are annoyed with the group’s antics, others see them as a force for good, reminding Web dwellers how fragile security is online. The group released a statement Friday to mark its 1,000th tweet, which emphasizes the do-gooding aspect of the attack:

Do you feel safe with your Facebook accounts, your Google Mail accounts, your Skype accounts? What makes you think a hacker isn’t silently sitting inside all of these right now, sniping out individual people, or perhaps selling them off? You are a peon to these people. A toy. A string of characters with a value. This is what you should be fearful of, not us releasing things publicly, but the fact that someone hasn’t released something publicly.

Laugh with them, or despise them, either way, they are, at the least, making a valid public service announcement: the web is an insecure space. Act accordingly.

Secrets get released on the Internet all the time — and not just by hackers, Mr. Weiner.