Seven alleged hackers have been arrested and charged with crimes related to computer attacks in an “international swoop,” the BBC reports. Five of the men were involved in the hacking group Lulzsec, and a sixth was a “member” of Antisec, or the Anti Security Movement, the FBI said.

What the PBS Web site looked like after Lulzsec hacked it. (AP)

Lulzsec’s leader, Hector Xavier Monsegur or “Sabu,” is believed to have turned informant and helped the FBI make the arrests. Sabu pleaded guilty in August to criminal charges.

Sabu may have also collaborated with the FBI to help them make a crack in Anonymous, the parent organization of Lulzsec. “Anyone who trusted Sabu is going to be in a panic right now,” Jennifer Emick, a former Anonymous activist, told Reuters. “Hard drives are being deleted.”

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Cell phone jammers news of the morning

The FCC issued a strongly worded warning Tuesday about using or selling cell phone jammers. A newly issued FAQ says doing so can result in fines or prison time. (Slate)

But cell phone jammers are everywhere. A quick search leads to dozens of brands of jammers on sale. (Google)

Explanation of the morning

President Obama reassured Chicago that he didn’t move the May G-8 meeting because he didn’t think the city could handle it. The president said Camp David just seemed more intimate. (Chicago Tribune)

Online campaign of the morning

#StopKony has been trending worldwide on Twitter since yesterday, as part of a film and campaign by an American filmmaker to make Joseph Kony, the Ugandan leader of the violent Lord’s Resistance Army, “famous” so he can be brought to justice. (Twitter, Vimeo)

here’s to the kids who know who Joseph Kony is. if you don’t please watch this: #stopkony #kony2012

— to the kids who...(@tothekidswho) March 7, 2012