When a massive brawl broke out at Minnesota’s Mall of America Monday, it was chalked up to post-Christmas consumerism on one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Brawl at the mall. (YouTube)

Nine people have been arrested for the brawl, in which dozens of shoppers fought one another for about an hour and some grabbed items from shoppers and kiosks, the AP reports. There were no serious injuries or weapons involved.

Below, watch a video of the fight, via CNN (the original video is profanity-laced):

In August, a mall melee of a less violent kind broke out after Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly told his Twitter followers to orchestrate a flash mob at a suburban mall in Cleveland. MTV reported that hundreds of the rapper’s fans listened, many of them running through the mall screaming as MGK spoke through a speakerphone and encouraged them to climb on mall tables. Kelly was cited with disorderly conduct for his behavior.