As Brenda Washington reports, Josh Mullin proposes. (Screen shot from KMBC)

Josh Mullin’s simple on-bended-knee approach accidentally became just as public, as the moment was accidentally filmed by a Kansas City TV station.

KMBC reporter Brenda Washington was at the Kansas City International Airport doing a story on healthful eating options Thursday. As she chatted with an anchor, Mullin was filmed in the background speaking to girlfriend Ashlee Baldwin. The moment turned from mundane to something much bigger when he got down on one knee and proposed. Sadly, b-roll footage began to play and the probably very romantic aftermath of the proposal wasn’t captured.

A station photographer told Washington what had happened. And as any good journalist would, she pulled the couple over to get their story. “Is this for real?” she asked. “It’s for real,” a seemingly nervous Baldwin, who accepted the proposal, said.

It turns out Mullin, an elementary school teacher, had just flown in from Colorado. When Baldwin came to pick him up, he decided it was the moment to ask the 20-year-old college student to be his wife.

This will certainly be a unique story to tell their kids some day.