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Megyn Kelly on set at Fox News studios. (Jon Vachon/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Now, a petition is calling for Kelly to test her theory by ingesting pepper spray on television. More than 11,000 people have signed the pledge.

It’s a road other newscasters have trod before. Rick Sanchez and Erich “Mancow” Muller both took it upon themselves to demonstrate the effects of the police crowd control. Sanchez allowed himself to be Tasered, while Mancow opted to be waterboarded. Here’s Sanchez’s experience:

If Kelly declines to undergo the test, Atlantic writer Alexis Madrigal seems to considering the prospect, writing on Twitter: “Serious question: should I get pepper sprayed? Is it lame stunt journalism or valuable context for writing about police technology?” He later clarified that he might not write an article solely about the experience, but more to inform his writing on the topic. “It’s hard to write about the experiences people’s bodies are going through. Not impossible. But hard to access.”

As for Kelly, she has made no comment on sampling the product, though on the same show, she did accept that the pepper spray used on UC Davis students “was something that was abrasive and intrusive. Several went to the hospital.”

Meanwhile, the Internet community reacted in a manner consistent with its take on most tangential news soundbites — with memes, such as these folks bandied about barbs on Twitter:

Full Megyn Kelly video below: