(Watch the video of the Mercedes Benz.)

Occupy Oakland protesters stand atop a railroad scaffold at the Port of Oakland. (Noah Berger/AP)

When thousands of people are camping out around the world in the middle of cities, shouting about the inequalities between the rich and the rest of the world and complaining that the police protect the interest’s of the wealthy, this is not the type of video to bring a swift end to those protests.

Though the Post can’t independently verify what is seen in the video, the cellphone footage appears to show a Mercedes Benz trying to drive through a crowd of protesters at Wednesday night’s Occupy Oakland march. It nudges up to two protesters, one of whom bangs on the hood of the car. The driver then speeds up and plows through the crowd.

The San Francsico Chronicle reports that the police questioned the driver and let him leave the scene. The two people who were hit, a man and a woman, suffered leg and ankle injuries that were not life-threatening, but required hospital treatment.

The protest was largely a peaceful march, though there was a small group of protesters that clashed with police and vandalized property.

Warning there is cursing in the video: