Dancers dressed in the Mexican flag participate in a ceremony before the start of two matches of the first round of the Copa America. This has nothing to do with the following story, except for the fact that the Mexican flag is even cooler when worn by a person. (Henry Romero/Reuters)

However, the Mexican army did invade the U.S. Friday morning.

It seems a convoy of humvees with 33 soldiers aboard turned down a bridge over the Rio Grande in pursuit of someone, though the reasons for the pursuit were not known. The bridge, though, had no u-turn option before Mexico became the United States. So invade — or drive across the bridge into — the U.S., they did.

The Homeland Security Newswire reports that the vehicles turned around and headed home without incident. And so ended the great siege of 2011.

(My sympathies are with the Mexican army. If you’ve ever tried to cross a Washington bridge into Virginia and gotten lost on that maze of roundabouts and lane changes, you know how they probably feel right about now.)