Rep. Steve Smith, left, with his aid Cody Wither, wait for other Republican members to arrive Thursday night to start negotiations. (Kyndell Harkness/AP)

At 12:01 Friday, after six months of debate and seven days of negotiation, the Minnesota government was shut down for the second time in six years.

At its root is a fight over how to close a projected $5 billion budget deficit. The Democrats wanted to raise taxes on the wealthiest 2 percent of state residents. The Republicans wanted to increase spending cuts.

About 20,000 state workers are officially laid off as a result of the shutdown, and the state parks will be closed for the holiday weekend at an estimated loss of $12 million. Here are scenes as the minutes counted down to the disappointing end result for both sides:

Gov. Mark Dayton (D) announces that the two sides were still not close to an agreement at the state capitol Thursday night, an hour before the Minnesota government was shut down. (Kyndell Harkness/AP)