(Steve Marcus/Reuters)

NATIONAL: Miss California a.k.a. Miss USA

Alyssa Campanella, now known as Miss USA, pictured above, wins one for the state of California (represent!).

WORLD: NATO apologizes for civilian deaths

In Libya, an airstrike misfired and hit the wrong target, killing two children and seven adults. It was the second error in a week, after NATO admitted to hitting a vehicle killing allied rebel fighters. NATO apologized for the errors, but the Post’s Ernesto Londono writes, “The two incidents underscored the perils of a military campaign the West is waging almost exclusively from the air, with shifting front lines and scattered allies with whom it has spotty lines of communication.

NATIONAL: Rich get richer

Executive pay has led to an increasing divide between America and the very rich. The top 0.1 percent of earners make about $1.7 million a year or more, and 41 percent of them are business executives. In 1970, an executive would have been paid around $1 million, lived in a four-bedroom home and driven a Cadillac. Today, he would make around $10 million, own a $6 million home and a 64-acre vacation home, and flies around in $10 million jet.

NATIONAL: Clarence Thomas’s ethics under question

A close friendship with a real estate magnate and a crab cannery has called Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas’s ethics into question. The New York Times reports that Dallas real estate magnate Harlan Crow’s financed a multimillion-dollar renovation of a cannery where Thomas’s mother once worked as a crab picker. Federal judges are not supposed to participate in charity fundraising, though Supreme Court justices are exempt from that rule.

ODD: Just your typical street parade