Only a few items remain after shoppers bought out most of the Missoni for Target fashion line in Vista, Calif. (Mike Blake/Reuters)

Answer: Mayhem.

In a scene that could only be compared to Black Friday or the rush for a much-wanted toy before Christmas, Target saw its Web site crash and its stores flooded when it tried to launch a Missoni for Target collection of bikes, luggage, clothes and housewares.

“This was Missoni mayhem,” Joshua Thomas, a Target spokesman, told the Associated Press. “This is unprecedented.”

What the Target Web site looks like this morning. (Image via

The AP explains the mayhem away this way: “So-called limited partnerships, in which high-end designers create cheaper versions of their fashions for lower-end stores, have become popular in recent years because they appeal to cost-conscious customers who want to be stylish but aren’t willing to pay designer prices.”

Um, hasn’t that always been appealing?

But wait: “At a time when Americans are watching every dollar they spend, the limited-time offerings also are part of a growing strategy by retailers to spur impulse buys by creating a sense of urgency for shoppers to buy,” the AP writes.

Now I know why I see a Jimmy Choo shoe at H&M and sprint to the cash register.

Barring that explanation, I’d like to blame this whole thing on Marina, a 25-foot Italian puppet doll Target used to launch the Missoni collection. She blogs, and tweets and does all kinds of things dolls shouldn’t do. Just look at her:

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