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The two formed a close friendship, one she speaks about in her eulogy at Jobs’ funeral, reprinted in Sunday’s New York Times. Simpson speaks of a man — not an icon — that is a loving husband, a doting father and a good brother.

The family resemblance is strong. Either conciously or subconciously, Simpson mimics the commencement speech Jobs gave at Stanford University in 2005. In it, he spoke of three life lessons learned. In her eulogy, Simpson gave three lessons Jobs taught her — in life, in sickness and in death.

It’s not the first time Simpson has tackled the subject of her brother in writing . Her book “A Regular Guy,” culled from Jobs’ life. It follows Tom Owens, a millionare biotechnology magnate who disowns and later reconnects with a daughter, much as Jobs did with his first daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs.

While the book explores some of the man’s possible faults, the eulogy celebrates the best of Jobs: his pursuit of beauty, his sense of fun, and his capacity for wonderment. Read the piece here.