Patrick Limoges was on his way to work Tuesday when a stray police bullet apparently struck and killed him. Protestors marched through the streets of downtown Montreal on Wednesday, demanding answers.

Tuesday morning, police were chasing Mario Hamel, a 40-year-old homeless man who was reportedly slashing garbage bags with a knife and throwing trash. Police opened fire on Hamel and he died in the street. Limoges, 36, died while on his way to work at St. Luc Hospital.

The Surete du Quebec is investigating the shooting. The four officers involved are being treated for shock and have not been fully questioned.

Friends of Limoges held a vigil Wednesday, leaving flowers and messages where he died. “When you come in to work, you come in to work — not to die on a sidewalk,” his colleague Gilles Girard told CTV News.

A protest held Wednesday night was not as peaceful. A reported 100 to 200 demonstrators, many dressed in black and some wearing bandanas on their face, marched near the area where the two men were killed. One banner read, “Never Again.” But the protest took a dark turn when some people in the crowd began throwing bricks and concrete pieces at shop windows, shattering four. Police in riot gear were present at the scene, but no arrests were reported.

Watch Limoges’s vigil below and video of the protest here.