May 18, 2011 (NASA)

After weeks of spilling out into farmland and rising to levels not seen since the 1920s, the Mississippi River has finally given officials some relief: It’s not cresting at quite the height it was expected to, easing worries that it would overwhelm levees in Vicksburg, Miss.

Even so, flood conditions could remain until mid-June, the Associated Press reports.

NASA captured a satellite image of the Morganza spillway, showing the extent of the flooding. The description on NASA’s image-of-the-day site reads:

“The false-color images combine infrared, red and green wavelengths to help distinguish between water and land. Clear water is blue, and sediment-laden water is a dull blue-gray. Vegetation is red; the brighter the red, the more robust the vegetation. Gray patches away from the center of the floodway are likely farm fields that have recently been burned or cleared.”

To see more photographs of the flooding, visit here.

April 21, 2007 (NASA)