(Mustafa Abdi/AFP/Getty Images)

WORLD: Somalia famine continues unabated

Pictured above a displaced Somali woman arrives in Mogadishu, fleeing famine-stricken southern Somalia. The famine is only one indicator of the global food crisis.

WORLD: Mubarak at trial

A sickly looking Hosni Mubarak was wheeled into the cage of a Cairo courtroom in a hospital bed Wednesday morning. It’s a reversal of stunning proportions. Last year, he ruled Egypt; this year, he is on trial for allegedly ordering the killing of protesters.

TECH: Widespread hacking uncovered

The web security firm McAfee uncovered what it says is a huge online snooping ring dubbed “Operation Shady RAT.” It likely originated in China and infiltrated offices of nearly 70 firms— including the Associated Press— through infected e-mails where recipients clicked on bad links. The intruders were after U.S. military secrets.

TECH: NSA looking for a few good hackers

Defcon, an annual hacker convention, will be infiltrated by a slew of government agencies. The mission: to lure hackers into fighting cybercrime for the U.S.

NATIONAL: Missouri outlaws teacher-student Facebook friending

A new law in Missouri prohibits teachers from friending their students on social media sites that allow for private communication. Its intent is to protect students from predatory teachers, but others think it’s preventing teachers from reaching out to students in the medium they most use to communicate.