Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving member of the 10-man group that attacked several Mumbai landmarks, is seen at an undisclosed location under police custody in this undated video grab shown by CNN-IBN Television channel. (REUTERS)

Kasab is a Pakistani terrorist involved in the 2008 Mumbai attacks and the only terrorist captured alive in the attacks. He is currently in custody of Indian police.

But it was soon reported that the messages about Kasab’s birthday were just a stunt, pulled off by the terrorists behind the attacks to bolster publicity. After all, Kasab had reportedly told Indian authorities after his arrest that he was born on Sept. 13, 1987 .

But the confusion continued on Kasab’s Wikipedia page, with his date of birth changed more than five times today alone. Each time, the birth date was changed from July 13 to Sept. 13 and back again. See some of those changes below:

(Image from Wikipedia)

After much investigation, it seems clear his birthday was indeed July 13, which the Indian Express had reported and FirstPost.com confirmed by obtaining a copy of Kasab’s interrogation report. Earlier reports that Kasab had told Indian authorities he was born in September were proved incorrect.

It is unclear whether the terrorists behind the attacks planned the dates to coincide, or whether it was just a coincidence.

Either way, the Wikipedia page changes still beg the question: If it’s clear Kasab’s birthday is July 13, why are people still changing his birthday back to September? And who is changing it?

The best guesses we have at BlogPost is that either a) Those who are making the Wikipedia entry changes continue to be genuinely confused about the date, or b) Those who are making the Wikipedia entry changes are trying to deligitimize the terrorists behind the attack. We’d be interested to know what other interpretations you may have.

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