In this screengrab from Indian television channel Star TV, Indian bystanders and security personnel gather around the wreckage of a vehicle in Mumbai. (AFP/HO/Star TV)

Three explosions rattled the crowded commute in Mumbai Wednesday evening. Reports said explosions set off around 7 p.m. in India, one at the Opera House in South Mumbai, one in a meter box in the jewelry market Zaveri Bazaar, and another near a temple in the Dadar neighborhood.

At least 20 people died in the blasts, police told reporters, and more than 80 were injured. Home Minister P. Chidambaram said the number of injuries could rise.

The Indian newspaper Economic Times reports that the Union Home Ministry said that Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) were used in the attacks, and that it was a terrorist attack.

CNN-IBN said the Indian Mujahideen, an Indian terrorist group that has claimed responsibility for a number of previous attacks across India, is the prime suspect.

The Union home ministry has issued alerts on all major cities including New Delhi and Kolkata.

An eyewitness at Opera House told CNN-IBN that when the blasts happened “bodies went everywhere... the panic for next 120 seconds is something words are insufficient to describe.”

An eyewitness at Zaveri Bazaar told the Times Now news channel, “I saw with my eyes, people were carrying bleeding people, injured and with their legs cut off.”

Injured victims of a bomb explosion are loaded onto a truck to be taken to hospital, at Zaveri bazar in Mumbai, India, Wednesday, July 13, 2011. (AP)

Television footage showed dozens of police officials, some of them armed, at the three sites of the explosion. A car with shattered windows could be seen.

A National Investigation Agency (NIA) team has been sent to Mumbai from Delhi to investigate. The police have appealed to the public to remain calm. People have shared the numbers of the police and hospitals on Twitter.

Anand Giridharadas of the New York Times shared a spreadsheet in which people across Mumbai are offering rides, places to stay, or offers to donate blood.

Mumbai is no stranger to terror. The 2008 attack on in south Mumbai killed more than 160 people. Monday was the fifth anniversary of the 2006 train bombings, which killed more than 200 people.

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