Aaron Vaughn entered the Navy after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. After that, whenever he would leave his two children and wife, Kimberly, he left his wedding band at home with her in Virginia Beach as a constant reminder of their love.

Aaron Vaughn’s wedding band pictured on his baby daughter’s feet. (Courtesy of Kimberly Vaughn)

In August, the ring was with his wife when Vaughn was among the members of Navy SEAL Team 6 killed when their helicopter was shot down.

Earlier this week, Kimberly says, she was “crushed” to find that she accidentally lost the band while flying home from Texas. To find it, she started a Facebook campaign, detailing every place she was that day.

Aaron and Kimberly Vaughn (Courtesy of Kimberly Vaughn)

People began to spread the word on their Facebook pages and started sending messages of support, much as they did when her husband died.

“I don’t need a ring as a reminder of our love,” she says. “But it meant so much to me, and it is devastating to have it gone.”