Donnie Wahlberg, teen heartthrob, life saver. (Evan Agostini/AP)

Yep, Donnie Wahlberg, brother to Mark, singer in New Kids on the Block, and one of the stars of CBS’s “Blue Bloods,” can also add life saver to his resume. Through Twitter, he managed to procure a new kidney for a fan.

According to the Boston Herald, in December Abbie Vicknair tweeted out a plea for her friend Bobbette Miller who had lost most of the function in her kidney. Wahlberg, who spends much of his time on the social media network sending out “twugs” to his followers, retweeted Vicknair’s post. With that click of submit button, the hospital was flooded with calls. Six matches were found for Miller and she is now scheduled for a transplant in June.

Wahlberg downplayed his life-saving Twitter tactics, telling the Boston Herald that it was team effort. “It’s a testament to the value of Twitter when used for more than telling people what one is eating for dinner or using it to sell products by tweeting as an #endorser,” he said.

I’ve put a call into Vanderbilt University Hospital, where the transplant is reportedly to take place, and they say they’re looking into the story. I’ll let you know what they say about the celebrity endorsement of transplants soon. If you want to see how you can help kidney patients too, visit the National Kidney Foundation here.

I always did think Donnie was the cutest in the bunch. Here’s Wahlberg in action: