If you recognize these two, chances are you might be a child of the ’90s. (CBS NEWS)

Dear fellow children of the ’90s:

The ten gloriously cool years that nursed us into young adulthood with a steady pop culture diet of “Full House,” Crystal Pepsi and Skip-Its is so hot right now.

(Update: Jump to what people are saying about it on Twitter and watch videos here.)

The false bloat from a meal of “Jersey Shore” and “Real Housewives of [insert locale here]” is wearing off. We’re hankering for comforting fare from a simpler time, back when tweeting only happened in trees, and the family bag phone was the only way to get in touch while on the go.

Cable networks MTV and Nickelodeon are recognizing the glut of good fare and are reviving classics such as “Beavis and Butthead” and “Clarissa Explains it All.”

We’re greeting recharged classics with open arms. As many of us who are now in our 20s and 30s now know, growing up is hard to do.

Luckily, sliming celebrities remains a Nickelodeon tradition. (MARIO ANZUONI/REUTERS)

“I had just married my wife. I was giving up a lot of stuff about being a teenager. ... As soon as I started having those responsibilities, I wanted to become a kid again.”

Psychology professor Tim Wildschut also tells Goldstein that the doldrums of adulthood can be tempered by looking back to the things from our childhoods that evoke nostalgia:

“When we don’t feel that great, or there’s some kind of psychological threat, people recruit these predominantly positive, warm, tender memories, which then in turn makes them feel more capable of dealing with the threat.”

Some of us may get the warm fuzzies from thinking about Beavis. For others, it’s a Rugrat or two. What else do you miss from the ’90s? Buzzfeed has an awesome roundup that includes rewinding the VHS tape and the subtle art of the prank call. (Me, I miss Clearly Canadian, penciled-in report cards and “Rocko’s Modern Life.”) Now you:

TweetWhile you’re thinking about the radical artifacts from the 1990’s you miss most, watch the first clips of the “Beavis and Butthead” revival and a Nickelodeon video montage. Then tell us what you miss using #Ilovethe90s on Twitter.

Nickelodeon will begin airing its classics at midnight Monday, July 25. The “Beavis and Butthead”revival is slated for sometime in October.