Alaska’s weather has just turned from tranquil to scary. The Post’s Capital Weather Gang reported yesterday: “a ferocious, dangerous storm in the north Pacific is on a collision course with the west coast of Alaska” — and it’s now pummeling the tiny, 3,500-resident city of Nome. According to a special message from the National Weather Service, the storm may be larger than any on record in the area. The service warned:

This will be an extremely dangerous and life-threatening storm of an epic magnitude rarely experienced. All people in the area should take precautions to safeguard their lives and property.

This image provided by the NOAA-19 satellite shows the storm bearing down on Alaska. (AP)

The storm is predicted to have sustained winds of 80-100 mph, waves more than 40 feet high, and blinding snow. Officials in Nome issued an evacuation order late Tuesday for people living in low-lying areas.

Below, a round up of how to track the incredible storm, which has now made landfall, via the Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal:

— Watch the National Weather Service’s main storm page.

— Check out the Department of Homeland Security’s daily Alaska situation report.

— Go to local news, including the Alaska Dispatch,  KTUU TV and Anchorage Daily News. 

— Follow the twitter hashtag #AKstorm or #Nome

Below, follow along with live updates from people on the ground, via a curated Twitter feed from the Weather Channel: