North Korea’s attempt to fire a rocket into orbit failed Friday morning, with pieces of the device falling into the Pacific Ocean. Leaders in Washington and Asia immediately condemned the action.

At a Seoul train station on Friday, South Koreans watch a graphic depiction of North Korea's rocket launch. (JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

As the communist nation comes under greater scrutiny by world powers, more attention is being focused on other aspects of life behind the curtain, such as the country’s “hidden gulags” and human rights abuses.

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Argentine baby

Argentina’s “miracle” baby in “very serious condition.” The premature baby found alive in a morgue refrigerator has developed an infection that could compromise her neurological system and kidney function, doctors say. (CNN)


Syrian troops clashed with defected soldiers Friday near the border with Turkey, according to opposition activists. The clashes violated a cease-fire that went into effect Thursday. (CNN)

But Syria has been quieter this week than it was in past months, with the United Nations and the Arab League cautiously hopeful that their peace plan could help end the violence. (The Post)

Trayvon Martin

The media frenzy surrounding the slaying of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin has turned into a “well-lawyered” case. Special prosecutor Angela Corey and defense attorney Mark O’Mara are both seen as fair and talented lawyers. (The Post)

George Zimmerman “profiled Martin,” prosecutors said in an affidavit filed Thursday in support of the second-degree murder charge against the man who says he shot the teen in self-defense. The affidavit also said Zimmerman followed Martin as he walked home from a convenience store the night he was shot to death. (AP)