(Rob Schumacher/AP)

NATIONAL: Phoenix dusts itself off

The giant dust storm that covered Phoenix in a layer of fine sand (pictured above) has been dubbed “the mother of all haboobs,” by Arizonans, using the Arabic term for a major dust storm. The city is cleaning up after the storm knocked out power, delayed airline flights and turned pools into mud pits, the Associated Press reports.

NATIONAL: Obama tweets his town hall

President Obama spoke to the Twitter generation Wednesday with questions coming from the social media site that only a few years ago was considered a joke. TechCrunch takes a look at the site that grew into a political heavyweight, writing that the town hall turned into “an in-depth and fairly candid conversation about a range of topics that people actually care about.”

WORLD: Pakistan nuclear-bomb maker says North Korea paid for nuclear knowledge

The Post’s R. Jeffrey Smith reports that Abdul Qadeer Khan, the founder of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb program, asserts the government of North Korea bribed Pakistani military officials for nuclear secrets. Though the military denies the charge, Smith writes, “Some Western intelligence officials and other experts have said that they think the letter is authentic and that it offers confirmation of a transaction they have long suspected but could never prove.”

WORLD: More phone hacking revelations

In the latest allegations against British tabloid News of the World, private investigators reportedly hacked into the voicemails of relatives of slain soldiers. The Guardian has created a dedicated page tracking the unspooling scandal.

RETRO: Cassette tapes and wrist watches return

Those who love to cry over forgotten technology can feel some satisfaction in the latest of trends. A number bands have returned to the reel of cassette tapes, reviving the lost art of pencil-winding the tape. And wristwatches are back, despite cellphone clocks best efforts to send them the way of the sundial.