Say what you will about North Korea, the country can definitely put on a show.

In totally unrelated news, North Korea has turned a possible defection to South Korea into a propaganda offensive. Last month, a fishing boat from the North drifted into South Korean waters and was picked up by authorities. Of the 31 passengers abroad the ship, 27 want to return to North Korea, but four say they wish to remain in South Korea. North Korean television stations have started airing footage of the families of those four begging for South Korea to release them. The Associated Press reports:

“They are stomping on the mother’s desperate wish to get her daughter back,” Park Myong Ok [a woman identified as the mother of one of the defectors] said in an affected style of speech often used in North Korea. “The South Korean puppet regime must return my daughter to her mother’s arms right away.”

(Via Boing Boing)