As Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio alleged Thursday that President Obama’s birth certificate could be a fake, the president’s campaign staff took some proactive measures, The Post’s Natalie Jenning reports. When converting the commander-in-chief’s Facebook page to timeline format, the staff placed an image of the birth certificate on a coffee mug square at the beginning of the page.


School shooting news this morning

A shooting at a high school in southeast Arizona has left at least one student injured. A suspect is in custody. The man fired a a high-powered rifle at high school baseball players while they were near the field. (Wilcox Range News)

Suspect in the Ohio school shooting is charged with murder. T.J. Lane, 17, will have a hearing next week to determine if he will be tried as an adult. (Reuters)

Syria update of the morning

Arab nations say they will arm Syrian rebels, “as soon as they can.” American officials fear the strategy could undermine their more cautious approach and help lead to a long civil war. (Washington Post)

Red Cross may finally enter Bab Amr, the epicenter of the year-long revolt. A seven-truck relief convoy was sent to Homs and is preparing to enter Bab Amr. (The Guardian)

‘Fake’ elections of the morning

Iran has parliamentary elections today, marking the first vote since the disputed 2009 elections. But will they be free and fair? Most commentators say no, as the reformist party has refused to participate and the government is cracking down on opposition voices. (Al-Jazeera)

A video from Iran claims to show illegal pamphleteering in the northern city of Karaj. (YouTube)