(Nick Kirkpatrick/The Washington Post)

However, I’d like it to be noted, the T-shirt merchant had the shirt in the photo ready to go for some time. How can I tell? A few glaring errors the merchant did not take the time to fix. First, bin Laden was not found in a cave. He was found in a cave-like compound. Second, it was not on day 1,461 of Obama’s term. He’s only been in office 831 days. Could it be a subliminal message? Day 1,461 of Obama’s term as president would fall exactly on the day after the 2012 inaguration. Is the shirt implying that Obama has locked down a second term? Finally, I’m pretty sure Obama was not in Pakistan during the capture. Depsite the errors, I must say, it’s a comfy shirt. If you want one, they’re going for $10 in Washington.

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